Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you meet?

A pack typically has both Den and Pack meetings. The Pack is made up of smaller grade based groups called Dens. Den meetings are usually set by the members of the den and can vary from Den to Den within the Pack. Our monthly Pack meeting is on the third Thursday of each month. We also have monthly parent/leader meetings that are on the first Thursday of each month. We also try to have a monthly Pack hike all year. Several of our dens have their meetings on the same day as the pack and parent meetings, but not all. Some dens only meet once per month (like our kindergarten Lion's Den) while some meet every other week (such as our 4th and 5th grade Webelos). Check out our Events page for more information on Pack and Den meetings. During school months we usually meet at Spanish Springs Elementary School. During summer months we often meet at one of the many great area parks.

How much does it cost?

To get started in Cub Scouts there are a few start up fees that need to be collected up front. This amount is $160 and is pro-rated based on what month you join from January. Your scout will also need a uniform which usually runs around $50 depending on what options you want (we usually have 2nd hand uniforms available for families). Some Pack activities may have additional costs.

Annual renewal fees are lower but are covered by our pack based on your scout's participation in our annual Popcorn Sales. Most scouts are able to cover all of their annual fees and pack activity costs by working as few as four 2-hour popcorn shifts and asking friends and family to try our delicious Trails-end Popcorn.

Because these fees are for an entire year (compared to 2-3 months families often pay for sports activities) and having the opportunity to offset (or eliminate) these fees with popcorn sales - most of our families find scouting to be a fantastic value!

Does my child need to attend every meeting?

No! We realize that families are busy with several activities during the year. We are always happy to see your scout at our meetings, and we always encourage scouts to make it whenever possible, but it really comes down to the scout motto: Do your best!

Can I drop off my kids?

Scouting is a family activity! We ask that parents make every attempt to stay with their scouts during meetings. In addition, we ask that parents participate in their kid's scouting journey as well. That means enjoying the activities with their scouts rather than sitting on their phone during meetings. We understand that from time to time a scout may need to be dropped off or attend the meeting with another family member. We have specific rules around that so feel free to contact us if you have more questions about that.

Our goal is to first create a safe environment for scouts and parents alike while keeping the family engaged in the scout activities. One way we do that is with two-deep leadership (with YPT training) at all times around the scouts. Youth Protection Training (YPT) is a leading youth organization training with the goal of protecting children from abuse. All adult leader volunteers are also background checked yearly and must complete YPT training every other year. Despite all of these precautions, we feel the best way to protect both our youth and our adult leadership is to encourage parents to attend and participate in all scouting activities.

Do I need to be in a certain school to join Pack 443?

The short answer is no! While Pack 443 is chartered at Spanish Springs Elementary School and a Partner Pack with Bohatch Elementary and Pinecrest Academy, there is no requirement to be in one of these schools to join Pack 443. That being said - Scouting is more fun with friends! If your kiddo has a friend in scouts - you should find out what pack that friend is in and join that one. If there is an active pack in your school - then you might consider that pack so your kiddo isn't left out of the fun at their school. If you are unsure of what pack is best for your kiddo and family - then contact us and we'll help you figure it out. Or you can check out for pack locations close to you.

Isn't Cub Scouts just for boys?

Cub Scouts and Pack 443 gladly welcomes both boys and girls into our program. Here is the deal, the siblings (including girls) were always welcome in the pack to participate in our fun activities. Allowing them to do the activities, wear the uniform, and earn the ranks and awards is a great way of promoting strong, healthy, and involved families in our community!

I have more questions! Where do I get them answered?

The best way to get more information is to fill out the request for information form found here: Request Info Someone from the pack will get back to you with answers soon!

Sounds great! How do I join right now?

While I do recommend coming to check out a pack meeting or den meeting first - to make sure that Cub Scouts and Pack 443 is right for you - I'm not going to stop anyone from getting started on what I feel is the best youth organization on the planet! You can get your child started on scouting by clicking on this link: Scout me in! Register Here. Then send us an email at to let us know you and we'll get you plugged into the next meeting. Welcome to Pack 443!